Bumper repair

Bumper repair

Bumper repair

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Dents, scratches and creases on your bumper take away from a vehicle’s curb appeal and devalue your vehicle. DENT All Star’s expert technicians use Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technology to provide our customers with bumper repairs at a lower cost and faster than traditional body shops.

The entire front and rear bumpers of your vehicle are not visible from the outside of the vehicle. There is a part of the car’s bumper structure that’s used for saving the vehicle’s body from damage and is well hidden behind a fairly large semi-rigid piece of painted plastic on the outside. This plastic covering is designed to deflect and deform easily when bumped. In theory, if you hit the bumper lightly the plastic should pop back into its original shape. Sometimes the bumper does not return to its original shape. And, if you hit the bumper hard, the damage will be more severe.

Many repair shops will tell you that your damaged bumper needs to be replaced, or at least removed and re-installed, resulting in a much higher cost than a professional repair using DENT All Stars. We are able to repair your vehicle for less, saving you time and money while giving you the results you are looking for!


Our technicians have many years of experience in dent repair, combining traditional methods with current PDR innovations to give you the best results possible. Experience the highest quality repairs at cheaper prices! Why wait days or a week for your repair when DENT All Stars specialists will complete your repair quickly and professionally, saving you money and getting you back into your vehicle in hours.

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